Welcome Message From Ellen Karelitz, Garden Steward

Dear Gardeners,
Welcome to the 2012 season of Community Gardens For All! First, let me introduce you to my new position as “Garden Steward” and tell you what I hope to do for you this summer.

Naturally, we are all garden stewards and I certainly want you to think of your role as being larger than simply your own garden plots. The idea of a “community ” garden is that we will behave like a community and help each other out as needed. However, it seemed that having a “buck stops here” person might be a good idea so that is how the Garden Steward position came to be.
As Garden Steward I will be charged with providing general oversight. That is, I will be walking the gardens to check for any problems; insects, weeds, signs of disease, overripe vegetables etc. I will then let the rest of you know what I find either by email, by post on a white board on the shed, or on our website.
I will also be the person to contact if you are going to be away or otherwise unable to care for your bed for any reason. We want to be able to make sure that all gardens are cared for and productive and kept as weed and pest free as possible so if you find yourself unable to perform your gardening tasks, please let me know so that I can help. If you will be away and unable to harvest something that you expect will ripen in your absence, let me know and I will make sure it is harvested and donated to the food pantry.

As Garden Steward it will also be my job to contact you either collectively or individually if there is work that needs to be done in the garden in general or if a problem develops with your individual plot.
I look forward to another productive and delicious season at Wagon Hill. See you in the garden!

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