Food Pantry Delivery Service at the Garden

As the gardens seem to be producing an abundance of some vegetables, we’re going to try placing a table and/or containers by the garden side of the shed today (Wednesday) to give people an opportunity to contribute produce which I will deliver to the Food Pantry at St. Thomas More on Thursday. I will check at the garden tomorrow evening around 6:00 to collect whatever may be there. Please don’t let your vegetables rot on the vine, or get so big (zucchini) that it is inedible.
If you can’t get to the garden tomorrow but you’re willing to let me harvest a particular vegetable from your plot, please email me and include your plot number (or numbers) and what you would be willing to have me collect.
Reminder: Work Day this Sunday 12 – 3. You’ll be getting an additional email from John Hart about specifics of the weed identification activity and a scavenger hunt for kids.
Thanks for any produce you may be able to spare.
Kay Morgan