Growing Greater Good With 5th Graders

squash-flowers.jpgYesterday Suzanne, Kay and I met with Chris Hall’s Middle School class out at the gardens for a tour.  For the three of us, former teachers all, it was such fun to be with children teaching them about plants, bugs, dirt and community.  

As Suzanne walked a group of students down to the water to meet up with their classmates, she asked them what they liked best about their visit.  

“We liked the community part, because it seems like everyone is really *happy* at the gardens!”  
Wow!  Our motto is “Growing Greater Good” but I have to admit a lot of the time my mind is preoccupied by growing greater tomatoes. Not to get too philosophical, I do have to say it made me think about how often our children see adults happy and hopeful.
I thought you all should know this and I hope it helps us all to remember that while we are growing our tomatoes, lettuce, squash and sweet potatoes, we are growing hope and happiness too!
Happy Gardening, Ellen