Tomato Tyranny

This is the time of the season when I start to feel the tyranny of tomatoes.  Remember the joy and hope when I planted those 6″ seedlings?  How quickly it has turned to dread when I see more ripening Juliets.  I can’t stand to waste them but I have canned 11 quarts, 15 pints of whole tomatoes, 12- 1/2 pints of salsa, slow roasted about 30 Roma tomatoes  and frozen 8 quarts of sauce.  I am DONE!   And still they come.    I long for frost!

Anyone else feeling the same?  Well, there is a solution.  The Durham Food Hub group is hoping to schedule a tomato gleaning sometime within the next couple of weeks.  The tomatoes we glean will be used by the Oyster River School Lunch Program.  I will keep you updated on how you can volunteer your tomatoes.   Those of you who are ready,  can throw off the yoke of Tomato Tyranny and be Free!