Who’s your mower?

IMG_0110[1]Sam Hewitt, that’s who. Quiet and thoughtful, Sam is a friendly guy who loves Wagon Hill just as much as us. 

Sam grew up in Durham and started his own landscaping business in high school. I am proud to say my yard has been a recipient of his great work. While in college, Sam got a summer job with Durham Public Works, about the same time Wagon Hill Community Garden was born.

Today, Sam holds a bachelors degree in meteorology from SUNY Oswego. When he is not maintaining the paths in and around our garden, he has been known to chase tornadoes in the mid west and work at the Mount Washington Observatory.

The farm keeps him busy, especially at this time of year. Sam is sometimes the only Durham Public Works employee assigned to Wagon Hill. It will take him more than six weeks to complete one full circuit of the entire farm! Thank you for your hard work and dedication Sam!