And So It Begins….

Getting our hands dirty

Getting our hands dirty

The raised beds and plots at the Wagon Hill Community Garden are becoming real gardens now and we have the dirty hands to prove it!  Lots of gardeners have been hard at work and the evidence is in the little seedlings of lettuce, spinach, peas, bok choy, chard and onions all around the gardens.

There are also lots of tomato plants that are not looking quite so perky.  In fact I met several gardeners who were uprooting damaged plants.  It is best to wait until Memorial Day for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant—the really warm loving vegetables.  New tomato plants often haven’t been “hardened off”(exposed to bright sunshine, wind and fresh air)  and they get sunburned very easily out in the garden.  Then it gets into the 40s at night and it is just too much for them.  It’s hard to be patient when plant sales and garden centers are displaying such beautiful plants but even if the tomatoes survive they are usually delayed while they recover from their adventure.  You don’t gain any time by planting too early.


Now, whose dirty hand is this?


Akilah!  Way to go!

Akilah's first gardening day

Akilah’s first gardening day