A Blast From the Past

Recently my college friend sent a picture she took of me long ago working in my very first garden.  This garden was in a field across the street from the cabin Sally and I rented on Sligo Rd. in Rollinsford after we graduated from college.  The soil, as you can see, was very similar to the soil at Wagon Hill.  Not easy to work.  There was no water so I had to haul it from the cabin across the street.

My garden dog, Benji, a Lab /something? mix took his “guardin'” duties seriously and made it his mission to rid the surrounding land of groundhogs.  The first time he greeted me,  as I pulled into my driveway, tail wagging and a bloody carcass hanging out of his mouth, I screamed for about 5 minutes.  However this soon became an almost daily occurrence and I just kept a shovel handy.  Soon the woods around the cabin was a groundhog graveyard.  When he finished clearing the neighborhood of undesirables, Benji trotted down the road to Brookford Farm and rewarded me with severed sheep heads from the farm compost pile.  He was probably the happiest dog I’ve ever owned!

After I received the picture from Sally,  I found a journal from that time where I recorded that I now had a “nice garden”, although drought had taken the lettuce.  I was also proud to have canned 14 pints of green beans and was looking forward to harvesting carrots, squash and tomatoes.  I had lots of herbs to dry.

After I moved out of the cabin it was a long time before I had another garden and then when I moved to Durham I was again garden bereft until the Wagon Hill  Community Gardens were formed.  I am happy to reprise the gardening life of my youth. ( I wish I could also reprise my legs.  They do look longer don’t you think?)

Do you have gardening memories?  Please share them.  Ellen in garden on Sligo Rd.