Garden Work Day Sat. July 11, 2015 from 9-Noon

Greetings fellow gardeners,

It’s that time again when we hope to see a lot of you at the garden Saturday morning from 9 – noon, or some part of that time, to help with regular all-garden maintenance.  The weather is looking good for the weekend and in case you’re wondering what sort of tasks we have lined up, here is a sneak peek:
Pest removal:  There are HORDES of potato bugs that need to be picked off and squished – bring your gloves and work out some inner hostility….If we don’t attempt to reduce this population, guess what, they eat more than just potato plants…….so if you value your beans and tomatoes….please come help.
Compost:  Compost piles need to be turned and the areas need to be weeded, woodchipped and a third and final area cardboarded, woodchipped, etc. Bring your favorite shovel (marked with your name) and a wheelbarrow and help make black gold.
Pathway maintenance:  Weeding, weeding, weeding and maybe some clipping.  Bring grass clippers if you have them.
That is only the beginning. . . . . come lend a hand, your enthusiasm and your special talent and meet your fellow gardeners.  Discover the fun of COMMUNITY in the Community Garden.
Hope to see you,
Kay Morgan, Membership Coordinator