Season’s End

The 2015 gardening season is coming to an end.  The last tomatoes are being picked.  Squash is harvested.  Kale, broccoli, chard are still producing!   I have enjoyed my flowers this year and had plenty of opportunities to make arrangements with garden and field flowers.  But, one of my favorite “end of the season harvests” is the Sweet Potatoes.  Finally the suspense over how many potatoes I get to keep and how many the meadow voles have eaten is over.  This year I think I came out ahead, although many were tossed into the field to continue to be enjoyed by the wildlife.  I do think the voles got an early start since I found quite a few that had been chewed and then started to sprout. I have saved several of these and potted them for winter greenery.  I also saved lots of the little potatoes and fat rootlets to use as seed potatoes next year.

We have two more work days left this season.  All gardens need to be cleaned, topped off and covered with hay or leaves.  Cold weather crops can stay as long as weeds have been cleared and the rest of your bed is covered for the winter.  We will be getting a load of hay for you to use .  I hope you’ve had an enjoyable and productive season and I look forward to gardening with you all next Spring.

Garden and field flowers

Garden and field flowers

Tomato Harvest

Tomato Harvest : 1 of 4 batches!

21 pints of canned tomatoes

21 pints of canned tomatoes (first batch)

sweet potato harvest

Sweet Potato Harvest, 2015

sweet potato sprouts

Sweet Potato Sprouts