Garden Work Day Saturday 4-16-2016

Our first Work Day is finally coming on Saturday, and it looks as if we will have sunshine and mild temperatures. It’s just possible that the standing water in the garden will have dried up!  Some of the work we’ll do will depend on garden conditions and I encourage you to wear footwear that can get wet!

The official Work Day runs from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  At 12:30, Akilah Campbell and Mario Caritos (our Education Coordinators) will offer a short workshop in Square Foot Gardening and Companion Planting.  All are welcome to come for that added bonus.

At 1:00 Ellen Karelitz (Garden Steward) and John Hart (Steering Committee Chair) will hold a garden orientation for NEW gardeners and for any RETURNING gardeners who would like to attend. Meet at the picnic tables – far end.

In the meantime, I will be signing people in and COLLECTING money from those people lucky enough to get an additional bed.  (If you wanted another bed and haven’t heard from me, that means that you didn’t get one – Sorry!)

We could use extra wheelbarrows and shovels (be sure you have your name on tools), CLEAN CARDBOARD (with no tape or staples attached) and newspapers (with no glossy inserts).

We know that there are beds that need repair and we’re hoping to do some repair work on Saturday, but that requires people who are knowledgeable and can wield the right tools!! Lumber needs to be moved from the barn as part of that project.

Other Jobs:  Clean the strawberries out of bed #31 (bring a container if you would like to take some HOME – we do not want you to replant in your raised bed); Check and weed all paths; Begin conversion of the Northeast compost area to a lasagna plot Debby Byers and Bob James will lead the way on that project); Check and weed the Food Pantry plot to be sure it is ready for planting. Check the status of your own bed, weed and pull away woodchips from the outside of your bed (wet wood chips are encouraging rotted boards.)

Come for as much time as you can.

Hoping to see you,

Kay Morgan, Membership Coordinator