From Community Garden to Garden Community

It was cloudy and overcast as we arrived at Wagon Hill Community Garden for our monthly workday, but before the morning was over, the sun was shining on 35 gardeners pulling weeds, chipping paths, turning compost, enjoying refreshments and the companionship of shared purpose.  A preschool group sang, did “garden yoga” and then got their first lessons on gardening helping to pull weeds in the paths.

What a lot of growing we have done over the past 9 years!   Starting as  6 strangers in 9 individual beds, we’ve become  85 companions and work mates growing food in 112 beds.  And, not just food for ourselves, but food for the community as a whole, with a contribution last season of over 700 pounds of food to our local Food Pantries.

We are not just a Community Garden, but a Garden Community!