Filson tells the history of our community garden.

Filson Glanz, Garden Historian

The Wagon Hill Community Garden opened the summer of 2009 with nine 10′ x 10′ plots carved out of the clay in the field.  The first year, six gardeners were active. The garden has expanded enormously since then.

In 2011, there were more than 40 gardeners and approximately 60 active plots (raised beds, each 4′ x 10′, plus a variety of other, larger beds). Additional plots were created in the spring of 2012. As of 2015, we have 104 garden spaces tended by 81 gardeners.

There is a shed for storing communal tools and water with hoses on each of two stanchions. Gardeners take responsibility for their own bed(s). All plots are organic. Typically gardeners keep their plots from one year to the next. Surplus produce is donated to local food pantries. We meet several times each season for group potluck dinners and workshops.

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