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From Community Garden to Garden Community

It was cloudy and overcast as we arrived at Wagon Hill Community Garden for our monthly workday, but before the morning was over, the sun was shining on 35 gardeners pulling weeds, chipping paths, turning compost, enjoying refreshments and the companionship of shared purpose.  A preschool group sang, did “garden yoga” and then got their first lessons on gardening helping to pull weeds in the paths.

What a lot of growing we have done over the past 9 years!   Starting as  6 strangers in 9 individual beds, we’ve become  85 companions and work mates growing food in 112 beds.  And, not just food for ourselves, but food for the community as a whole, with a contribution last season of over 700 pounds of food to our local Food Pantries.

We are not just a Community Garden, but a Garden Community!


Opening the Garden Meeting

Join us at the Durham Town Hall

Sunday MARCH 5th

2-4pm, 2017

In 6 months, we can look back on these…

AHHH, late summer at Wagon Hill Farm:

Courtesy of a Friend of Wagon Hill Farm

Courtesy of a Friend of Wagon Hill Farm

Courtesy of a Friend of Wagon Hill Farm

Courtesy of a Friend of Wagon Hill Farm

Photos courtesy of a Friend of Wagon Hill Farm

Oil and Vinegar Pairings Event TONIGHT (7/18/2016)

Oil and Vinegar Pairings

How do I donate produce to the food pantry?

photo-44Betsy Burton is already delivering herbs and greens to the Food Pantry.  If you have extra produce you would like to contribute, please do the following:
A.  Pick and rinse your produce with the hose
B.  Place it in a plastic bag (available in the shed)
C.  Place it in the cooler (located in or just outside the shed) before 2 p.m. on Tues. and Thurs. or by 10:00 a.m. on Fridays. (Don’t put produce in the cooler except on these days – it will be unusable by the day of the Food Pantry).
If you want Betsy and the Food Pantry group to harvest your plot, notify Betsy at  Be sure to give her your bed number and specific instructions about what plant(s) you want picked.

BYO Picnic June 20, 2016

safe_image.phpWe will celebrate the Summer Solstice with a byo picnic on Monday, June 20th from 5:30 – 7:00.  Hope to see a lot of you there to try out the new picnic tables!

Grab ’em quick!

transplanting_seedlings_s2Bluebell Greenhouse is donating the last of their vegetable plants to the garden and plants will be available THIS SATURDAY (June 11,2016).

We never know what will be coming, but it is sure to be good! If you’ve lost some plants or have some that haven’t come up, this is a chance to fill in the gaps or try something new.